Monday, August 18, 2008

So good you can even eat it on its own.'ve been hit by, you've been struck by...a sm-m-m-mph...-mooth criminal...

This is a belated birthday shoutout to Mr Joash Yap, fellow Klangite and legendary moonwalker.
Happy 23rd birthday, yo! Klang forever~!
And the most-eligible bachelor of MMUCF just got hotter...

In other news...

Bought a loaf of Gardenia bread the other day...when I noticed...
Somewhere in the package of the soft, fluffy, high calcium with 14 enriched vitamins bread, hides...


The psychotic, murderous sociopath, hell-bent on wrecking chaos has lurked into the very household grocery we call bread.
This can get ugly...wanna see a bread knife disappear?


Justin Lee - Smooth Criminal

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Muchos gracias!

...You are my joy, You are my joy, You are my joy, You are my joy...

An echoed happy birthday to Jacintha and Ezra Vendargon who celebrate their birthday today as well!

So I thought that the only way today could've gone bad is that if I were to screw up my Law of Evidence paper. By God's grace I didn't. Awesome.

I'd just like to thank you beautiful people for the wishes and gifts.
As corny as this may sound, you people are one of the greatest gifts, ever.

*p.s. Andrew Liu Teck Ming (Chang) dedicated an entire post to me on his blog. So gay.

David Crowder* Band - You Are My Joy

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

*poot*'s my birthday tomorrow, no one else would know...I was born this Thursday, 22 years ago...

Mom once said that dad used to be a romantic man. He bought her flowers, opened the car door for her, etc etc. Once mom fell down and hurt her knee, macho dad used his handkerchief to bandage around her knee.
(cue: "awwwwwwwww")

Now, dad farts in his sleep, burps at the dinner table and does his "mining" while driving. Ahh, romance.

*Comic drawn by Jason Phoon of, a dude with awesome cynical comic drawing skillz.

Switchfoot - Let That Be Enough

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Jerome, Andrew and Little Red Riding Hood

...we are Hosea's wife, we are squandering this life...using people like ladders and words like knives...

Kids, once upon a time...

...there was a little girl named Little Red Riding Hood.

Unlike all the other Little Red Riding Hoods,

...this one likes the colour pink.

You see, although she was meant to be liking red,

...she couldn't resist the whoopie colour of a flamingo and err...pigs!

So one day, Little Red Riding Hood decided to change her name to Pink Riding Hood,

...since she thought she wasn't little anymore and never did liked red.

So she began to walk to the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara Cawangan Melaka,

...since petrol price is high and she's broke from buying pink-coloured stuffs.

While walking...

... she stumbled upon a pink bicycle.

Little Red Riding Hood found the creamy pink coloured bike so irresistible,

...she stole the bike.

So there she was, a little girl who loves pink but wears red...

...cycled along Fairytale Road 5/2...

...towards Jalan Raja Sorum Portnoy Hawkins Chambers Grohl Cool Butler Ulrich Jr. the Third Riayat Shah...

and finally, to the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara Cawangan Melaka.

Just when she was about to enter the government building,

...a policeman recognized the pink bike as a stolen vehicle.

Therefore, Little Red Riding Hood was arrested under Section 379 of the Penal Code for theft.

Furthermore, she was sentenced to juvenile detention for 3 years, and never did get to change her name to Little Pink Riding Hood.
And thats how Little Red Riding Hood's name came to be...the end.

Happy belated birthday, Jerome and Andrew. Rock on, like the Republic of Azerbaijan~!

Brooke Fraser - Hosea's Wife

Friday, August 01, 2008

Happy 2-...err...18th Birthday Stefanie Chong Xinyi!

...I don't wanna be alone, but now I feel like I don't know you...

To Evilsithmomma/Donata/Bimi and the one and only employer/slavedriver of mine, a happy 18(+5)th birthday to you!
Wishing you longevity, prosperity, harmony and whatever that rhymes with it. Oh yea, epic lootz too, XP
Love ya!

...and August begins...

Paramore - Let This Go

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Woman's Glory...?'re so brilliant...don't soon're so brilliant...grace marked your heart...

I was doing a bit of reading from The Rebelution blog, when I stumbled upon an article titled Teen Girls Define "A Real Man". According to the article, one of the qualities of being a "real man" is that:

"A real man doesn’t have long hair because it is a “woman’s glory.” A real man doesn’t desire to adorn himself with a woman’s glory." (1 Cor. 11:14-16)

Hmm...a woman's glory...*guilty*...
If there's an exception to that (like almost every rule of law) it would most probably be Samson.
But since I can't survive wrestling a lion, I guess I should really cut my hair.
I'm gonna look like a kid.

Anberlin - The Unwinding Cable Car

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oh Hai!

...I've faced my demons, wrestling these angels to the ground...

Hello blog! Macha, long time no see wei. Aisey, how are you la dei? Me? I'm good, same old same old. How long has it been? Almost a year? Sure boh? Don't lie la wei.

Yea man, I think I've grown 1mm since we last met. *achievement*

Dei, lets post again man. Yeah wei, like last time last time la...can? Ok ok, when free la, sure sure.

Anyways gotta go la, really good to see you again man. See you around aight?

Call me anytime...or Wayne...but anytime will do man....but I still prefer Wayne la. Heheh.

Lifehouse - Disarray