Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Things to do...

Hey now, hey now, don't dream its over...

Plans, plans. This holidays albeit short, I'm gonna set some targets, don't wanna idle too much on the couch doing
kacang. The targets? Some beneficiary, some impartial, and some just fer fhuuun~~...

What's behind curtain number 1?!
Get Okami and Final Fantasy XII with the hope of finishing them before the break ends, *crosses fingers*.
Priority : Its gaming...'nuff said.
Beneficiary : For the sheer satisfaction and sense of empty accomplishments.

Curtain number 2!
Start jogging! I wanna get back my form that I used to have in my teen days. Hopefully the haze'll clear by then...
Priority : Only if I get a new pair of running shoes...old one's torn out.
Beneficiary : Badan cergas, minda cerdas?

3rd curtain!
Rebuild some jambatans! Sorta lost touch with some friends back at Klang. Hopefully their phone numbers are still unchanged. Not forgetting the ones here, of course.
Priority : Miss you guys lar...
Beneficiary : Rekindling the good old times...

Curtain to the 4th!
Learn to read drum notes aka. drums punya taugeh! Aside from that gonna practise my strokes with at least, say...20 minutes a day?
Priority : To serve better in the music ministry, 'that even a question?
Beneficiary : That satisfaction of giving your best to the One who deserves it all.

On the 5th curtain!
Study for law of tort. Bracing myself for the supplementary. Don't think I did well in it yesterday...
Priority : Considerably high, no rest for the wicked.
Beneficiary : The opportunity of not having to re-take another subject.

Tirai ke-6!
Will be in Penang to visit relatives. Char kuey teows out there, be
Priority : It's food, c'mon...
Beneficiary : Get fat while pleasing my tastebuds,

And the 7th and last, but not the least,
Be a witness and a living testimony to my family and friends back home. Not overlooking on what matters most, the soul of others. Do pray for me, that I be guai guai and don't pick on my brother (too) much.
Priority : Ultimate, (Level 6, 11, and 16)
Beneficiary : To worship God, as a family.

Hopefully I can cross off all of'em by the end of the break. Then again I'm counting my chickens before the eggs hatch for there's another paper to go; Computer Law. Blogging this shows how 'serious' I'm taking it. Then again a hope for the future motivates the present, I think. Cheers, to the future!

Sixpence None The Ritcher - Don't Dream Its Over

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Its scary...

...looking for an orphanage, I'm looking for a bridge I can't burn down...I don't believe the emptiness, I'm looking for the kingdom coming down...everything is meaningless, I want more than simple cash can buy...happy is a yuppie word...

...what exams can do to you. Take for example of our friend here...maybe it's just the usual him, but I fear that he's sorta rubbing some of his nonsensical-hyper-ness on me...(slightly edited for easier viewing)

jason2tan64 :
2 more to go, with physics being the last, and toughest

jason2tan64 : *men-tough-kan

ns_wayne : i've got one last mile

jason2tan64 :

ns_wayne : studying, are ya?

jason2tan64 : err..juz came bek frm a "study" session with navin n joachim...

jason2tan64 : and i do mean "study"

jason2tan64 : i wonder, was bambi a vegetarian, or did he eat

ns_wayne : bambi's a deer

jason2tan64 : well..deers eat too you noe...

ns_wayne : yeah...and they eat greens

jason2tan64 : they gotta eat sth...and man, their feet; 'em feet are definitely made for
trampling their prey into sth resembling chicken chop...

ns_wayne : ...

ns_wayne : no

ns_wayne : dude, what did u get fer ya bio?

jason2tan64 : like how old aunties use plaster and mortar to beat tiny pieces of meat...

jason2tan64 : bambi's legs: these legs are made for trampling...lil furry critters into lumps of goo'eee meat...

ns_wayne : ><"

ns_wayne : stop ruining my childhood

jason2tan64 : i remember bambi raiding vietcong camps to free american POWs ...den flying around blowing stuff into smit-theerrr-reens in a helicopter...using rockets by the bucket load...i mean blood absolutely everywhere

jason2tan64 : wait..that's rambo...

ns_wayne : ...

ns_wayne : ROFLMAO

jason2tan64 : hmm...bambi..rambo...

ns_wayne : dude...bambi=skippingdeergreenmeadowsbutterflies

ns_wayne : rambo=shootbangslashslitbaboomstallone

jason2tan64 : bambi=slit the throat of sum poor vietcong soldier while covered in mud to blend into the background...slit him real good he did

ns_wayne : some disney movie ur parents let u watch

jason2tan64 : bambi can wield an m-60 like no man can...freaky

ns_wayne : bambi has hooves

ns_wayne : you said it yourself

jason2tan64 : ar well, hollywood was never really big on portraying reality...

ns_wayne : i fear for your children

jason2tan64 : hooves that can wield m-60s and trample boneful creatures into meat-patties...

ns_wayne : ...I'm gonna die young...

jason2tan64 : too

jason2tan64 : i blame halo...and scrubs..but mostly smokers

ns_wayne : ...halo i get...scrubs, sorta...but why smokers?

jason2tan64 : well, they like to inhale their lil cigarettes and exhale in my face..

jason2tan64 : den i start coughing up bunnies...

ns_wayne : and how does that make bambi into a bloodlusted maniac?

jason2tan64 : but one of these days, one of the bunnies might get stuck in my throat...and i might choke

ns_wayne : lure it out with carrots

jason2tan64 : i dunno, muz be becoz bambi has this really bad superior officer back in vietnam...poor bambi had to take on a whole platoon of ninja monkeys who believe in marxism..i tell you ninja monkeys are bad enough...but marxist monkeys who are also skilled in the arts of don't blame bambi

jason2tan64 : i blame pikachu...

ns_wayne : why pikachu?

ns_wayne : but he's so cute

jason2tan64 : coz he convinced nixon to go to war with north vietnam over an episode of the OC...

ns_wayne : how about when captain spock slapped william shatner cos britney spears married k'fed?

jason2tan64 : the war was so bad they had to call in Tom hanks to play against Michael Jordan in mini tennis...

ns_wayne : and homer simpson was constipating so badly he craped ray romano out

jason2tan64 : neh that aint true

jason2tan64 : homer wrote this story called the illiad and died wayyyyy before CNBC came about...

ns_wayne : thats the loin-wearing homer u talking about

ns_wayne : the greek geek

jason2tan64 : he wears his loins??

jason2tan64 : you can't do that...

ns_wayne : er...i mean loincloth

jason2tan64 : ninja monkeys with lasguns??

ns_wayne : how about bungee elephants?

jason2tan64 : thats like saying "jason passing his physics"
jason2tan64 : anyhoo..nitez..and dun let the bloodcrazed nunchucks wielding bambis' get to you...
jason2tan64 : i recommend pepper spray..

Bloodthirsty Bambi...halfway through and my sense of logic got confused. A conversation that made no sense, exams do that to you. Just one more paper, hang on, we're almost there...I can see the light~!

Switchfoot - Happy Is A Yuppie Word