Thursday, March 30, 2006

They call him Roag...

Well some things in this world you just can't change, some things you can't see until it gets too late.

The frontman of PG165, Jason Teoh turns 23 today. A fellow big bro in Christ, a source of inspiration and of course a fellow Man Utd fan, hehe. Always inspired by your song-writings and of course, PG165. Hope your new guitar metronome-tuner can boost ya rockin', hehe. Kudos and salutes to the axeman, continue to pick those sweet strings, burn on. Blessings to ya.

A toast, to the birthday man.

Matchbox 20 - Bright Lights

Stop, turn. Take a look around...

Everything, everything we've had, out of sight, out of mind, given that what I see when I dream, hurts like hell and back.

Been listening a lot of Switchfoot and Yellowcard lately. 2 of my favourites, each came out with their new album not too long ago. Every song in these albums, and I mean each and every one of them, hits a spot.

"I've been up late writing books, all about heroes and crooks" - Sure Thing Falling

"Left the ground, in black and white, and when the plane went down, the colours all around..." -
Rough Landing, Holly

"And then you hear'em say, that miles away, we lost another that we sent with a gun" -
wo Weeks From Twenty

n, I am not everything you though that I would be, but every story I have told is part of me..." - How I Go

Yellowcard's Lights and Sounds.

certainly grew up a bit since Ocean Avenue, with their unique style of violins backed by superb drumming and underlined with honest-political-emo lyrics. Not bound by their punk influences, they've made a few experiments with some jazz elements and orchestral feel, just the way I like it.

"Singing without tongues, screaming without lungs" - Lonely Nation

"Happy is a yuppy word, nothing in the world could fail me now..." - Happy Is A Yuppy Word

"War and love become pedantic, we wage love with a mistletoe" - Easier Than Love

"Pain, give yourself a yourself contrition, avarice of blame" - Daisy

Switchfoot's Nothing Is Sound

Always loved them. This album is filled with songs that mostly mirror our hopes, fears, relationships and insecurities as such, nicely between major and minor keys. Beautiful lyrics and arrangements adds to the sweetness. Sheer beauty.

Nothing much done today, spent a few hours studying and drumming in YAC. Reflected in CG today...about the important things in our lives...and if God were to make us let go one of them, which one it will be the first to go...reflections are good, makes us grateful, haha.

To another day, another sunrise. Cheers.

Yellowcard - Waiting Game

Monday, March 27, 2006


Here's to the night we felt alive, here's to the tears you knew you'd cry, here's to goodbye, tomorrow's gonna come too soon.

Woke up this morning smiling.
Saw you
in my dreams.
That's all I needed, to smile.
Its been like what? 5 years since we first met?
You were the one that made me curious about Him, you know?
I was...intrigued, and I have you to thank now.
We had a lot of fun didn't we?
Days of youth and innocence.
See you everytime I hear this song.
You closed your door before I opened mine. are happy now, and that was all that mattered.
Hopefully our paths will cross again...someday.
I've changed...I think. I heard that you did, too.

Here's a toast, to all those who hear me all to well...

Now, enough mushy stuff. Paper sucked. Didn't have enough time. It's not that easy to pen down thoughts after all. Oh well, what's done is done. Contemplating if I should get a haircut. Should I? To cut, or not to cut...that is the question.

Thats all I'm afraid. A toast, to you. Cheers.

Eve 6 - Here's To The Night

Of birthdays and a heart at bay...

Singing without tongues, screaming without lungs.

First and foremost, a tribute to the one and only bassist of PG165, Mr
Ng*ferfhuun~*Zhen*woi~*Xin! The gentle giant turned 22 and got a new baju for his new SX Series bass guitar. The man who taught me things, like "One man cannot hide 2 tigers, 2 hands cannot catch 4 balls" (say it in a Chinese accent), and has a passion for exotic pets (tarantulas, scorpions, geckos, hedgehogs, you name it). A toast to you, tai lou. Lets have more fhuun~.

And also to
Miss Chee Su Be! The sweet Penangite lass turns 21! Behind that heart melting smile and honey-sweet face is a lady with a sense of humour, I tell you. Totally the best impersonator of Seong. Haha. The Lord bless you, Suubeeuuubeeuu. =D

"Grateful"...basically sums up today. Drummed for Chinese service, was good. Had a few flops here and there but then again, still striving. Nothing like the feeling of playing a part to bring God's people together in worship. Content.

In 12 hours time I'll be taking my Constitutional Law paper. Studied yet remembered
nuts, how? 2 words: Good game.

Had fun. Cheers.

Switchfoot - Lonely Nation

Sunday, March 26, 2006


I wished you would step back from that ledge my friend.

Scott Mallone - What We Are Made Of

In time I will show you I'm not leaving
That I will wait by here for your love
And God knows
What we are made of
And God knows
What we are afraid of

And if you cry
I will comfort you
I will save you
I will sacrifice my life
I will love you
For who you are
Not who you used to be

In time I will show you I'm still believing
I know that if you cry
I will come to you
I will save you
I will sacrifice my life
I will love you
For who you are
Not who you used to be

No matter where you are
I will be there for you
No matter who you are
I will be waiting
No matter where you are
I'm beside you
No matter who you are
I will love you.

A song that I fell in love with. It brought me to a thought that reminds me of His faithfulness. Still learning to breathe, trying not to be comfortable with whatever I have. Going deeper.
Tomorrow will be my debut on drums for worship in CCC's chinese service. Trully grateful for the opportunities to serve Him, to return the favour for the gift of salvation, a redemption if you may call it. Well, it's getting late. Tomorrow is, another day.


Third Eye Blind - Jumper